Thursday, 20 July 2017

Why Your Teeth might be Sensitive

Have you been to your Roseburg dentist lately? If not, you should definitely do so if you start to notice that taking a sip of something hot, or even eating some ice cream has you holding your jaw in pain. This is considered tooth sensitivity, and you might wonder why some have more sensitive teeth than others. This is something that can be a pain for many, since it can make it hard to eat, and even have normal hygienic habits for you to indulge in.

Now, the wearing down of your teeth and tooth enamel is often a cause of the sensitive pain that you might feel when you have hot and cold drinks and foods. This can also make brushing and flossing a problem, and it can cause difficulties for those that have teeth that are sensitive. This can cause a lot of problematic tooth pain.

But, there are ways to help you with this, and you can do something about it. If you don’t, you might not practice the healthy habits that you need to, and then they will get worse. By getting rid of the pain, you will feel better. It all begins with finding the source of the pain. There are a lot of causes of tooth sensitivity as well.

Some of the reasons why your tooth may be sensitive are tooth decay such as cavities, a filling that’s been worn down, such as maybe due to the way you grind your teeth, a root that is exposed. Gum disease that hasn’t been treated, a tooth that is fractured, and overall worn tooth enamel. Sometimes, this can be a genetic thing as well, but it often is one of these. You might have healthy teeth, and this layer of enamel protects the crowns of the teeth, which are the areas above the gum line. If this starts to get worn down, this can cause a lot of sensitivity.

Often, the loss of this enamel is because of the following: drinking a lot of sodas, sugar drinks or other acidic foods, medications, dry mouth, environmental issues such as friction, wear and tear, acid reflux, and then genetics, which is something that you obviously can’t prevent.

If you lose the tooth enamel, the hot, cold, acidic, and other sticky foods will then reach the nerve cells inside, causing you a ton of pain. Typically, the only way to correct this is through dental treatments and over-the-counter products such as medications and the like.

Now if you need to get rid of tooth pain, there are some toothpastes that are there, which in turn contain some compounds that will block the transmission of these foods and such to the nerve. This will also reduce the sensitivity after a few applications, and dulls the nerves.

Then there are root canals, which will treat the inside of the tooth for patients that have a severe sensitivity. This is often for someone that has it a lot of the time as well.

Then there is dental bonding, which is used to correct any chips or flaws that might cause the sensitivity. Fluoride is another one that you might get from the dentist that involves the use of a fluoride gel in order to make stronger the tooth enamel and also help with the transmission of these sensations, reducing them. Finally, there is the surgical gum graft, which in turn protects the root where the gum tissue has been lost. This is a rare procedure.

Of course, the key to preventing this sort of thing is simple really. What you should do, is brush and floss twice a day, watch what you eat and drink, and go to the Roseburg dentist regularly. They’ll be able to help you if you start to have issues with this. Finally, if you notice that you have tooth pain, you should definitely go in right away. They’ll be able to prevent other issues from coming up, and in turn, they can save your teeth, which is what you want, and it’s something that can help if you have a problem but don’t know where it is located or the cause.